OUR Vision - To be the global leader in sustainable mining of different minerals as Gold, Diamond and Tantalum and others, and be the most valued and respected mining company through industry leading performance.

“The global leader” We do not want to be just a leader, or one of many leaders, we want to be the global leader in everything that we do, every time, all of the time. We believe that our people have the endowment, they have the will, and they have the commitment to be the best, with respect and professionalism.

“global” Gold Fields is a truly global company. While Brazil is and always will be the foundation on which our great company is built, we call each Country in which we operate our home. Our new regionalization strategy reflects our global philosophy, and as our explorationist discover new mines in new regions of the world, we will expand into those regions.

“sustainable gold mining” Sustainability means that we do our business in a responsible manner; that we do not put profits above the rights and safety of people, but that we also know that to survive, as a business we need to make profits otherwise our investors will abandon us. Sustainability means that we care about our people, the communities in which we operate, and the environment around us. “gold, diamond and tantalum mining”,

Our product is gold and our core business is to find and mine gold. While we are happy to mine any other metal or mineral that one often finds together with gold, such as Gold, Diamond or Tantalum, our main business is gold mining.