• Act with reliability, trust and respect
• Prize creativity, a strength of mind to shine and a promise to accomplishment
• Demonstrate leadership in safety, stewardship of the environment and social responsibility
• Develop our people in pursuit of excellence
• Insist on and demonstrate teamwork, as well as honest and transparent communication
• Promote positive change by encouraging innovation and applying agreed upon practices divided as:

Our Values

Safety - If we cannot mine safely, we will not mine. This is our main value and comes before everything else. This value means that we Stop, Think, Fix, Verify and Continue whenever we see something that may endanger our own safety, or that of our colleagues. It means that, if we cannot fix it, we exercise our right and obligation to withdraw to safety.

Responsibility - We act responsibly and care for the environment, each other, and all of our Stakeholders - our employees, our communities and our shareholders. This value means that we never allow our actions to harm each other or any of our stakeholders. We think before we act and always exercise caution. We seek out and nurture talent amongst each other, and we tread lightly on the natural environment around us. It means that we care.

Honesty - We act with fairness, integrity, honesty and transparency. This value means that there is no place in Gold Fields for dishonest people. We are always aware of and obey the rules, regulations and laws that govern us. Respect We treat each other with trust, respect and dignity. This value means that every Gold Fields stakeholder has the right to be treated with trust, respect and dignity. We treat each other and all of our stakeholders in the same way that we like to be treated ourselves. We embrace diversity as a source of richness rather than conflict. We have respect for the dignity of work, irrespective of the complexity or importance of the job, and we value each other for the contribution that we make to the richness of our company.

Innovation - We encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. This value means that every person in Gold Fields has good ideas, and that we are encouraged to raise them in a responsible way. It also means that we have open minds when new ideas are raised.

Delivery - We do what we say we will do. This value means that we are always true to our word. We take pride in our work and do what we are employed to do. We deliver on our commitments.