The United States Gold Corporation was created in accordance with U.S. laws, and dedicated to mining, mainly for gold and diamonds.

In 2004, prior to the formation of the Company, founder, Mr. Elcio Gomes Lopes started “Aguas Da Serra” in Campo Largo, Paraná State, Brazil. Based on certain geologic signs, studies were initiated in this area to detect the substance, Phyllite. While conducting these studies, gold was discovered which was registered in the National Department of Mineral Research (DNPM).

Based upon this discovery, in 2008, the gold mine "PROJECT CAMARINHA", located in “Passa Três” Granite, was born. This region has been extensively studied and proven by the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) regarding sulphide gold intrusion into this granite in the area of Camarinhas, where the Project is located.

In fact, there are two major mining companies in this area, the "Tabiporã Mining" and Canadian "Ventures Frontier ".

The company eventually became “AMERICAS GOLD MINE S/A”.

In 2010, MR. Elcio Gomes Lopes and his partner Mrs. Marinete Luiza Oro decided to expand to other Countries, so they formed AMERICAS GOLD MINE CORPORATION in the State of Florida, United States of America, which later became "UNITED STATES GOLD CORPORATION".

The strategic purpose of the merger between America’s Gold Mine SA, Brazil and United States Gold Corporation (“USGC”) was to take advantage of the unique opportunity to operate not only Project Camarinhas, but two additional gold mines in the states of Colorado and Nevada. The company which currently owns the US gold mines has already agreed to sell its interest to USGC. Similar mergers occurred in Canada and Africa for the projects called "PROJECT EAGLE CANADA", "PROJECT EAGLE USA" and "PROJECT EAGLE AFRICA".

The need to consolidate corporate resources into one powerful entity is derived from the opportunities that have arisen from years of work in the area. We are aware of the needs of the sector and the growing demand for mineral rights, which, unfortunately for many, requires a great amount of resources to initiate mining operations. Consequently, we are in a unique position to expand the Company’s reach into additional mining opportunities, and therefore bolster our portfolio of assets, which in turn increases profitability to our shareholders.