Mining Consultant and Advisor

Advisory and Consulting

UNITED STATES GOLD CORPORATION is an outstanding mineral mining advisory and consulting all over the world. We have specialized in studies for commercial and multilateral financial institutions, mining companies, governments and governmental agencies, legal firms, and other parties with interests in the minerals industry.

UNITED STATES GOLD CORPORATION is global experience covers the full spectrum of Legal, technical, operational, and financial issues in a broad range of commodities including base and precious metals, coal, industrial minerals, diamonds and gemstones, ferrous metals, and construction materials.

Our worldwide network of offices allows us to be a truly global company.

UNITED STATES GOLD CORPORATION operates in the most important Countries.

We design each project team to specifically meet our client’s needs, using professionals with the specific experience needed to successfully complete assignments. For this reason, each office can draw upon personnel from the other offices to assure that the best-qualified professionals are assigned to a client.

UNITED STATES GOLD CORPORATION is known internationally as a “business consultant.” Our people have firsthand experience in senior management and executive-level positions, giving them practical and insightful knowledge and skills. We have commercially experience in diamond industry and professional certificated in Kimberley Process through DNPM ( Departamento Nacional de Produção Mineral) of Brazil. Implemented in Brazil in 2003, the system of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) is an international mechanism to prevent illegal diamonds to fund armed conflict and discredit the legitimate market for rough diamonds. To meet the goals of the KPCS, the National Department of Mineral Production (ANP) instituted the monitoring and control of trade and production of rough diamonds in the Country through the National Registry of Commerce of Diamonds (CNCD) and the Report on Business Transactions (RTC).